Ten recipes for vegetarian comfort food for the family

1.Carbonara with vegetables that are healthier: two bowls of spaghetti with vegetables, parmesan, and cheese. Keep the main course of this cheesy pasta feast the same, and then add the vegetables for a colorful, Italian-style meal.Our sans meat carbonara can be on the table in a short time and uses egg yolks – not cream – to make a luxurious sauce that is rich with exquisite flavor.Serve it with our easy cheese and garlic pull-apart loaf if you have time.
For more mouthwatering ideas for mac ‘n’ cheese and lavish spaghetti dishes, take a look at our family pasta recipes.

2.Veggie and halloumi traybake Our cheesy halloumi traybake is loaded with four of your daily five nutrients, despite its decadent appearance.Serve a colorful assortment of tomatoes, chickpeas, broccoli, peppers, and onions.Put baby potatoes in the oven first, then add your vegetables and halloumi, and then finish under the grill for a delicious dinner.

3.Veggie toad-in-the-hole Hand getting part of our veggie toad-in-the-hole You wouldn’t have a complete cooking repertoire if you didn’t know how to make perfect Yorkshire puddings, which are a crucial part of our veggie toad-in-the-hole.For the ultimate Sunday dinner, simply substitute high-quality vegetarian sausages for the usual pork sausages and serve with a selection of traditional British vegetables.Additionally, this recipe can be paired with our crunchy polenta roasties, caramelized honey carrots, and rich veggie gravy with a dollop of Marmite for a savory kick.

4.Smaller than normal lentil shepherd’s pies
It’s a reality generally recognized that everything is better when finished off with squashed potato – and these small scale lentil shepherd’s pies are no exemption.Involve the kids in shaping the mash into peaks or piping it on with a fork.Again, adding a little Marmite to your lentil mix gives it a great umami flavor.You could freeze your pies to whip out for fast weeknight dinners.They are best served with fresh peas.
For more ideas on how to use this protein-packed pulse, see our lentil recipes.

5.Stacked heated potatoes with slaw
Two stacked potato parts close to some coleslaw on a plate.Join exemplary heated tatties, smooth yogurt and lashings of solid cheddar and what do you get?Baked potatoes loaded with goodness.In addition to assisting you in achieving your daily five, these warming wonders will make you feel like you’ve been indulged.Fresh chives and a healthy serving of crunchy carrot and cabbage slaw go well with them.

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