The following are the top five health benefits of drinking lemon water:

weight loss, improved digestion, “alkalizing” effects on the body, improved skin, and detoxification.We can draw from studies that have examined the advantages of these two ingredients in isolation, despite the fact that there is very little research to support these health claims, particularly human studies.

1.Water is an essential nutrient, and without it, we can only survive for a few days.In fact, it accounts for 55% and 75% of an adult’s body weight, respectively.Adding lemon to hot or cold water can make it more palatable if you find it difficult to drink water.

2.Lemons were regarded as a source of vitamin C for centuries as a treatment for scurvy, which is now a rare condition caused by a lack of vitamin C (ascorbic acid).There is a lot of talk about how vitamin C helps the immune system, but no studies have proven this.According to one study, despite the fact that vitamin C did not prevent people who were otherwise healthy from getting the common cold, it may shorten the duration of symptoms and reduce the risk of getting the common cold by half in people who were exposed to short periods of extreme physical stress.

3.May promote healthy skin There is some evidence to suggest that improvements in skin condition are linked to vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) and flavonoids, which are protective compounds found in citrus fruits.It is known that vitamin C assists the body in producing collagen, which contributes to the skin’s integrity.
It’s interesting to note that a 2016 study found that a drink made from citrus juice may help protect mice from the negative effects that cause premature skin aging.

4.May help digestion Some people find that drinking lemon water regularly, especially first thing in the morning, helps their digestion.Even though reports are mostly anecdotal and mostly subjective, studies on mice do show some promise.According to a 2019 study, drinking a beverage high in lemon polyphenols over the course of one’s lifetime appeared to slow the aging-related changes that occur in the gut, including shifts in the balance of beneficial gut bacteria.

5.May assist in the prevention of kidney stones The citric acid in lemon juice may assist in the prevention of kidney stones caused by a buildup of calcium oxalate. Additionally, the additional fluid in the water may assist in the maintenance of hydration and the flushing out of potential stones.

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