Walking slowly is the best way to warm up and cool down after a walk.Each walk should begin slowly to allow your muscles time to warm up before picking up the pace.After that, gently stretch the muscles in your legs, especially your calves, front and back thighs, and calves.Holding stretches for about 20 seconds is ideal.If you’re in any pain, stop stretching.If you bounce or jolt, you risk overstretching your muscles and causing tiny tears that cause muscle stiffness and tenderness.

When engaging in physical activity, it is best to dress casually.Dressing also heartily can expand perspiring and develop internal heat level, which can make you self-conscious during a walk or perhaps cause skin disturbances.Additionally, a gradual cool-down will prevent injury and muscle stiffness.
Walking is a low-cost and effective form of exercise. Footwear for walkingHowever, foot or shin pain, blisters, and soft tissue injuries can result from wearing the wrong shoe or walking improperly.Make sure your shoes are supportive of your arch and heel and are comfortable.Make sure your heel touches the ground before your toes by taking slow, light steps.Walk on grass rather than concrete whenever possible to help absorb impact.

Making walking enjoyable Some methods for making regular walking enjoyable include the following:
shifting where you walk
strolling the canine
strolling with companions
joining a mobile club.
Keeping your daily walk interesting include the following methods:
Choose different routes so you don’t get bored of seeing the same things over and over again if you want to stay close to home and only walk the streets in your neighborhood.
Find one or more friends or family members to walk with you if you feel unsafe alone.
Stroll at different times.It is inevitable that the sights to see in the morning will differ from those in the afternoon or early evening.
Park the car at various reserves, drive there, and walk around to take in the sights.
Pay attention to the surroundings—the sky, the people, and the sounds.

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