Beautiful Potted Indoor Plants

That Will Make Your Home Smell Amazing Use pretty potted plants to let a pleasant scent naturally fill your home.We may participate in affiliate programs and make money from the products we sell on this page.
Even though gardens wither and windows remain closed as the cooler weather approaches, this does not mean that your home is doomed to smell stale and stuffy.You don’t have to use commercial air fresheners either because the right houseplants can both add natural beauty and scent to your indoor space.

A potted plant can give you aromas that are floral, fruity, herbal, or grassy, depending on your preferences.In addition, research conducted by the University of Georgia demonstrates that numerous houseplants have the potential to eliminate airborne contaminants like volatile organic compounds and reduce indoor pollutant levels.
There is one caveat to keep in mind before you head to the garden center to look for new houseplants:Cats and dogs can be poisoned by a number of the most delightfully aromatic plants, which, when consumed in large quantities, can result in skin irritation, stomach upset, and even death.We’ll show you 14 amazing aromatic plants that the ASPCA recommends pet-friendly homes avoid, as well as some helpful hints for keeping your indoor garden looking its best.The sultry scent of jasmine will give your house a tropical feel.White jasmine (Jasminum polyanthum) has a scent, unlike other varieties, and it will bloom and scent your space throughout the winter.It has a heady, rich scent that is similar to that of gardenia, but it is not particularly picky.It likes soil that drains well and is porous, a humid environment, and some light, but not direct sunlight.Put jasmine in a hanging planter, perhaps;It will form beautiful twining trails as a vine.

Close your eyes, inhale, and place some lavender (Lavendula) in your mouth.You’ll feel like you’re in Provence, France, where the purple blossoms cover fields and consume the space with a novel embodiment that is flower, natural, and woodsy at the same time.The fragrance is notable for its loosening up properties, so it is an extraordinary decision for a room or any place you relax at home.Give your lavender plant plenty of light, keep it out of the wind, and let it dry out a little between waterings.Unfortunately, lavender is toxic to dogs and cats.

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