Garlic’s positive effects on health

It tastes like butter when roasted in olive oil.It has a pungent and sharp flavor when chopped and raw.It can alleviate muscle soreness in its oil form.Garlic can even be used to make tea.Garlic has a lot to offer, and it’s also delicious, no matter how you use it!
Laura Jeffers, MEd, RD, LD, a dietitian, shares six surprising ways this vegetable that looks like an herb can improve your health.

Is it healthy to eat garlic?
Yes, there are numerous health benefits to garlic.According to Jeffers, an organic sulfur compound known as allicin gives garlic its pungent scent.Garlic is also a healthy food because of this compound.
Boosts immunity Who would have thought that eating more garlic could help boost immunity?One study found that 41,000 women between the ages of 55 and 69 who ate garlic, fruits, and vegetables on a regular basis had a 35% lower risk of developing colon cancer.

Anti-inflammatory properties have been demonstrated by research to be the case with garlic oil.Rub garlic oil into sore and irritated muscles or joints.Even the Arthritis Foundation recommends it as a means of preventing arthritis-related damage to cartilage.Further develops heart wellbeing

Research likewise shows that garlic can decidedly affect your corridors and pulse.
Garlic’s sulfur is thought to be converted by red blood cells into hydrogen sulfide gas.That makes our blood vessels bigger, which makes it easier to control our blood pressure.
But before you stop taking your blood pressure medication, talk to your doctor about whether eating more garlic might be good for you.

Acne-causing bacteria can be killed by the antioxidants and antibacterial properties of garlic, which can help clear your skin.One study found that pimples could be cleared up by rubbing raw garlic on them.
However, keep in mind that garlic may sting or burn your skin.Before attempting this method, check with your dermatologist, especially if you are currently using any other skin care products.
Protects your food The same antibacterial properties found in fresh garlic can eliminate salmonella and E. coli, two of the bacteria that can cause food poisoning.However, garlic should not be used in place of proper food handling and sanitation.

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