Lunchbox Protein Ideas

Although protein is one of the most important things to include in a lunchbox, it can be one of the most difficult to pack.Protein fuels the brain and keeps kids full for longer, making it easier for them to concentrate throughout the day.

Yoghurt:Pack a good Greek yogurt for a delicious protein boost!Make your own flavors with honey and fruit by purchasing bulk tubs in the plain style.In addition to the lunchbox, use a reusable food pouch to pack it easily.

Eggs:The obvious method is hardboiled, but you could also make little egg frittatas with bacon and tomato.Also great for a quick breakfast on the go!

Scrolls:a less obvious source of protein, add cheese and meat to bulk them up for more protein.
Paper Sushi/Rice Rolls:They’re a fun way to get protein as the main course and are filled with tuna or chicken.
Meatballs:Use an insulated food jar to keep them warm until lunchtime or send them cold in their lunchbox!To make it more fun, add some Stix and a sauce for dipping.

Seeds:While seeds are a great source of protein, nuts are typically not permitted in lunchboxes.In place of nuts, you can easily add sunflower, pepita, and chia seeds to bliss balls, homemade muffins, and muesli bars to add protein crunch!

Strips or nuggets of chicken:Send some homemade chicken nuggets to school in an insulated food container.
Chickpeas:Roast them or get chickpea snacks from the supermarket that have already been made.Additionally, you can use them in baking to boost the protein content.

Edamame:roast them with a little salt for a salty, crunchy, high-protein snack! are high in protein.
Leftovers:Have some butter chicken and rice or spaghetti bolognese left over?Perfect!Send that for lunch in an insulated food jar.

Smoothies:Make a delicious protein smoothie and put it in an insulated smoothie bottle so you can take it to school for a quick and filling protein snack while you’re on the go.
Vegetables high in protein:Yes, sweet corn, spinach, potatoes, and broccoli are just a few of the vegetables that contain a good amount of protein, so include them wherever you can.

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