How should a banana hair mask be made?

A simple way to get shiny, healthy hair is to use bananas in the right way. For nourished, healthy hair, here are five simple homemade banana masks that you can make at home:
1. Avocado and banana hair pack is best for: Avocados contain a lot of biotin and vitamin E, which, when combined with the nutrients in bananas, help make a natural hair supplement that could help stop further hair loss, heal hair damage, and result in a healthy scalp. Avocados are good for hair that is thin or brittle.

2. Hair mask made with bananas and aloe vera Types of dry hair and itchy scalp The goodness of bananas and aloe vera, which contains beta-carotene, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E, make an effective moisturizer that gradually improves the health of the scalp and makes your hair shiny and healthy. By preserving and nurturing hair follicles, it stops hair loss. The banana and aloe vera hair mask also works to keep dandruff at bay.

3. Hair pack with honey and banana is best for: Dry hair Honey is a natural humectant for our hair, and when it is combined with the many nutrients found in banana, it makes the ideal hair mask that makes your dry hair shine and well-hydrated.

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