Four Strength Exercises to Help You Run Faster A lot of runners have the same goal: to move faster We have our sights set on securing a PR, and every step we take brings us closer to success, which is frequently the reason we train so hard on the road.

While doing speedwork and clocking miles will undoubtedly help you improve your speed, strength training should also be included in your schedule. These exercises for running faster come into play in that situation.

Know that research demonstrates the advantages of including strength training in your routine if you are a runner who frequently skips it. The information: Strength training improves running economy, time trial performance, and maximal sprint speed in middle- and long-distance runners of all levels, according to a 2018 systematic review published in Sports Medicine. This study suggests performing explosive or plyometric exercises and heavy resistance training two to three days per week (you’ll find a mix of those below).
More from Runner’s World preview for HDM All Sections Playlist – Runner’s World US Keep in mind that most experts advise increasing strength days in the offseason to one to two times per week when combining weightlifting with race training.

How to Choose the Best Exercises to Run Faster Because not all strength exercises are created equal, you must choose the right moves to turn strength training into speed gains.
Advertisement: Read on! Jay Dicharry, M.P.T., a physical therapist and the author of Running Rewired, tells Runner’s World, “Runners should concentrate on building power—how fast you can use the force you’ve built up.” During push-off, explosive movements help you quickly activate your muscle power.

Your turnover speed and stride power increase as a result of this. The outcome? You move more quickly now than ever before. This is also supported by research, which demonstrates that performing plyometric exercises will help you run faster, particularly over shorter distances.

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