Common Reasons for Headaches Bright Lights Bright lights, like too little light, can cause headaches for the following reasons: The eyes must adjust to brightness levels that are inappropriate for them. Bright lights can even cause migraines in some people who are particularly sensitive to them.

It should come as no surprise that the best way to alleviate a headache brought on by bright lights is to get rid of the trigger. Cover your face or go into a dark room and let your eyes relax. Additionally, over-the-counter medications can expedite headache relief.

2. Another common cause of headaches is dehydration; in fact, the majority of headaches caused by a hangover are caused by dehydration. A pulsating sensation in the temples is frequently the result of this kind of headache. Try to drink water frequently throughout the day to avoid them.

Avoid waiting until you are dehydrated; At this point, the body is already dehydrated. The average person should consume two liters of water daily. If you’ve been working out or it’s hot outside, increase this. Once you have corrected this imbalance in your body, headaches caused by dehydration will typically begin to go away.

3. When the sinuses—the hollow cavities that run the length of the head—are swollen, irritated, or inflamed, it is known as a cold or flu sinus headache. Sinus infections like sinusitis and allergies can also affect the sinuses and cause these headaches.

Virus-related headaches can be debilitating and painful, especially if you already have other symptoms of the cold or flu, but they can usually be treated with over-the-counter medications like decongestants and analgesics.

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