What to do if you’re experiencing knee pain while running and why you’re experiencing it? It’s not just you. According to research, the knee is the most frequently injured area associated with running.

Despite what your friends who do not run might tell you, running is not “bad for your knees.” In point of fact, numerous studies have demonstrated that runners have lower rates of knee osteoarthritis than sedentary individuals, and that running even has the potential to prevent it.

However, if you are experiencing knee pain while running, it could be caused by overuse, poor running technique, or other body weaknesses.
More from Runner’s World We talked to sports medicine doctor Jordan Metzl, who gave us an explanation of four of the most common causes of runner’s knee pain and how to treat them:
Why do my knees hurt when I run?

How come you run? because it makes me happy. because it eases anxiety. because it permits cake consumption. Since running is also important to me, I understand that. As a 32-time marathoner, I understand how frustrating injury can be. I became a sports doctor because of it. Although it was devastating to tear my anterior cruciate ligament while playing football while I was in medical school, it was the single most significant event that had an impact on my work. It motivates me to assist my patients. I treat runners with aching knees almost every day. Many people are terrified: Can I still run? Do I need to change to swimming? Fortunately, most knee issues won’t keep you from driving for long. What you need to know about common knee injuries is provided here.

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