You can spend a lot of money on carbon-fibre trainers, high-tech clothing, and gadgets, but all you really need to start is a pair of decent trainers and a comfortable outfit that doesn’t chafe. It doesn’t cost much It is much less expensive than taking up golf.

Running is a great way to give yourself permission to do something just for you. It’s perfect “me time.” You can simply focus on your breathing and the sights and sounds around you while listening to music, catching up on an audiobook or your favorite podcast, or disconnecting from the grid.

You can enjoy nature Going for a run is the ideal excuse to get outside and take advantage of nature’s therapeutic properties, whether it’s a remote trail or your neighborhood park. People who exercised outdoors reported having more energy, feeling less depressed, and being more likely to do so again, according to a study that was published in Environmental Science and Technology.

People who spend two hours a week in nature were more likely to report good health and life satisfaction, according to another study that was published in the journal Scientific Reports. Additionally, it is beneficial for boosting vitamin D levels during the winter, which many Britons lack.

It gives you control It is ultimately a flexible and adaptable pursuit; you can decide exactly how you want to approach running. You can run by yourself or with a group; run two to three times per week, participate in races, or even train for a marathon; Depending on other commitments to your time, you can go for a 15-minute run or an hour or more. You can do it.

It may make you happier In a study conducted by Glasgow Caledonian University, more than 8,000 parkrun participants were surveyed regarding their health and wellbeing. On the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire, they scored an average of 4.4 out of 6, which is higher than the average of four for the general population. In addition, 89% of parkrunners stated that regular running made them happier and improved their mental health.

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