3 Social Media Accounts for Healthy Eating That You Should Follow The expression “put good in, get good out” is applicable not only to the food you consume but also to the content you consume on social media.

A “diet” of social media accounts that motivate and inspire you can help you progress toward a healthier lifestyle, just as eating foods high in nutrients has positive physical effects.

Having said that, health-imperfections on social media are well-known.

Many social media accounts can give you the impression that a healthy lifestyle is only for a select few by posting images of unattainable bodies or salads with no leaves.Contrary to popular belief, the opposite is true.
You can choose to subscribe to people who show you how to eat well in real life and talk openly about the difficulties of doing so rather than following accounts that make you feel discouraged.Do you want to create a diet that is good for your mind and body?

3 social media accounts that inspire healthy eating are worth following.

1. In addition to being a married couple who enjoy cooking together, Stephen and Elise Compston are registered dietitians.

Everything you need to know about their relatable approach to healthy, delicious everyday food can be found in their hashtag, #upgradedeverydayeats.

They provide entertaining, relatable posts for putting food on the table quickly by combining their respective expertise with the real-world difficulties of parenting young children.Their forte is, in particular, recipes with few ingredients. Their barbecue egg and cheese quesadillas and 4-ingredient tofu sheet pan meal are not to be missed.Additionally, their blog has even more suggestions for quick and simple meals.

2. Budget Bytes While some foodie social media accounts feature gorgeous recipe images, a closer look reveals that their ingredient lists are quite pricey (ahem… truffle oil everything).

With Budget Bytes, not so much! This food blog’s social media pages are devoted to inexpensive, easy-to-follow healthy recipes, as the name suggests.

Beth Moncel, the company’s founder, started her blog in 2009 as a way to record her experiments with low-cost recipes as a recent college graduate struggling to make ends meet.Budget Bytes is a great resource for anyone who wants to eat well for less, now that she has over 400,000 Instagram followers and an app with all of her recipes.For suggestions on meal prep, vegan desserts, comfort foodstuffs, and more, browse Moncel’s content library.

3. Accessible Wellness Jackie Silver, a dietitian with a physical disability, is well-versed in the reality that achieving wellness is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor.

Her helpful Instagram page includes straightforward recipes, helpful hints for reusing leftovers, and numerous two-minute healthy snack ideas for people with and without disabilities.Additionally, she provides information on nutritional therapy for a variety of disabilities and chronic conditions.Silver is not only a dietitian but also a practitioner of mindfulness-based eating awareness. This can be seen in her posts about changing your mindset about food and body image and eating with intention.

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