Positive Thinking Optimism necessitates specific approaches to problem-solving that maximize your power and keep you aware of your options. These two things can help you feel empowered in situations that might otherwise overwhelm you and reduce your stress levels.

Positive thinking can help with a lot of things, like protecting you from the stresses of life. You are better able to make decisions without reacting out of fear or anxiety when you see things in a more positive light.

One study found that people with generalized anxiety disorder could reduce pathological worry by actively replacing negative thoughts with more positive ones.8 Other studies have found that people with emotional problems can reduce the severity of their symptoms by focusing on positive emotions.

A Note from Verywell Not every issue can be resolved. A person’s behavior cannot be altered, and a health diagnosis cannot be reversed. However, you can alter your perspective on the issue. Try a variety of emotion-focused coping mechanisms to determine which ones help you feel better and reduce your distress.

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