Why should you drink water in the morning?

Because water is a nutrient that your body needs, it can’t make enough of it on its own to meet your basic needs. In order to maintain your health, you need to get it from outside sources like hydrating foods and drinks.

According to Casey Kelley, M.D., ABoIM, founder and medical director of Case Integrative Health, “About 60% of the human body is composed of water, varying slightly based on age, gender, and hydration levels.” To name just a few biological functions that heavily rely on adequate hydration, the body also requires water to lubricate joints, regulate body temperature, transport nutrients, and excrete waste through sweating and urine.

According to William W. Li, M.D., a physician and the author of Eat to Beat Disease, however, your body naturally loses water every day through normal processes like urinating, sweating, and even exhaling. The Emerging Science of Self-Healing in the Body Exercise, hot weather, and certain medications, among other things, can accelerate fluid loss. However, one thing is certain, regardless of your specific water requirements: Every day, you need to drink water.

Drinking water while you sleep is impossible, and your body will continue to use up and lose fluids throughout the night without replenishment. As a result, starting your day with a glass of water can definitely help you stay healthy.
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Morning hydration is beneficial, but not absolutely necessary, according to Marina Cavusoglu/Getty Images. However, this is where things get more nuanced: Despite the fact that this practice is unquestionably healthy, it is not a defining characteristic of healthy hydration. The fact that you are drinking water in general is the most significant takeaway.

Dr. Li assures us that “the health aspects of staying hydrated is measured over the course of a day, rather than the time of day you drink water or the sequence of drinking water in relation to breakfast or any other meal,” and that this is the case rather than the specific time of day. To put it another way, it’s great to drink water when you first wake up and before eating, but waiting is also fine. That’s awesome if it makes you feel good and you personally notice the benefits!

If you want to give morning hydration a try, the following are some common health benefits.

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