Health Benefits of Going for a Morning Walk

Many people find that going for a walk in the morning immediately improves their mood. Putting aside the facts of medicine, consider this: You’ll get some vitamin D from walking outside in the sun, which will immediately make you feel more awake. You’ll get your heart pumping, and you’ll be able to see everything in your neighborhood (or wherever you’re walking!) features to offer

It can also be a time when you can focus on what you want to accomplish that day and let go of whatever is causing you stress. You can feel more present by noticing the trees, the new coffee shop on the corner, or even the clothes of the people you meet. It’s also a good idea to listen to your favorite music while you do it.

But walking is good for more than just your mind; Additionally, it’s good for your body. It’s a low-impact activity that almost anyone of any age or physical ability can do without training or previous experience. When going for a walk, many people think they’re not doing any exercise at all because it’s easy on the body. However, the opposite is true.
More From Oprah Daily preview for Oprah Daily US – Your Best Life Playlist According to the Mayo Clinic, walking can prevent and treat conditions like heart disease and stroke. Harvard Medical School claims that it can even assist some individuals in losing weight. Before beginning a routine walk, talk to your doctor if you’re concerned about any current or past health issues. However, if you’re up for the challenge, we asked the experts to share eight ways that going for a morning walk can help you.

Improve Circulation and Cardiovascular Health According to Manuel Flores, MD, who is also the dean and vice president of academics at the University of Health Sciences Antigua, “An hour or so before you wake up, your body starts to get ready for the day.” “Your endocrine glands start to secrete larger amounts of hormones to get your body ready, including thyroid hormone (also known as thyroxine),” he explains, “your blood pressure starts to go up as well as your pulse, and your endocrine glands start to secrete larger amounts of hormones.” This is where going for a morning walk becomes a routine. According to Flores, if you walk every morning, you can lower your blood pressure and heart rate, thereby improving your cardiovascular health.

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