No matter the season, caring for a newborn can be overwhelming. Here are six winter care tips for babies. Winter, on the other hand, adds yet another (warm and woolly) layer of stress to the situation! Any new parent and their newborn child will hibernate until spring due to the threat of icy temperatures, slick sidewalks, germy strangers, and whipping winds. But you don’t need to! How to keep your newborn safe and healthy throughout the winter, despite the common cold and the cold temperatures

Tip 1 for Winter Baby Care: Prevent Dry Skin Because a newborn’s skin barrier is thinner and weaker than that of a big kid, they are more likely to get dry, scaly, itchy skin that often comes with the cold, low humidity, and dry indoor heat of the winter. Only give your newborn a bath once every three days to help protect his or her delicate skin. Your baby’s skin is further dried out by water.) Make sure the temperature of the tub is around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and get your newborn out of there within five minutes. A 10-minute bath is acceptable for older babies, but not for younger ones! Apply a moisturizer that does not contain any fragrances to your nugget after gently patting it dry. Keep in mind that creams do a poorer job of locking in moisture than goopy moisturizers that look like ointments. Apply again often!

Tip 2 for Winter Baby Care: Don’t Turn Up the Heat! Set the thermostat to no higher than 68 degrees Fahrenheit! Even though it’s natural to want to keep your baby warm and cozy in the winter, it’s not a good idea to turn up the heat too much. Your newborn’s skin may dry out, but what’s even more concerning is the possibility that they will overheat, causing discomfort, disrupting their sleep, and increasing their risk of infant sleep death (SIDS). In fact, SIDS is more common in babies during the winter. Dressing your infant in only one layer more than you are is the best way to keep them safe and warm while they are sleeping. Layers are not diapers.) It’s a good idea to wear cotton or muslin pajamas with a lightweight mesh swaddle blanket or sleep sack, like the Sleepea 5-Second Swaddle. Remember also: Always put your baby to bed on their back and keep all loose blankets out of their sleeping area.

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