The Best Foods for Babies 6 to 9 Months Old and Under

You have spent the first six months of your baby’s life making sure they are fed breastmilk or formula. You might notice that your little sprout is showing you some signs that they are ready to transition from breast or bottle to solid food as they grow and thrive. It’s a great first sign if your baby can stand up and hold their head up! In addition, your curious child may be ready to begin eating solid foods if they show interest in what you are eating and bring objects to their mouth.

But what should you give your child to eat? Here is a rundown of wonderful starter food sources for your child from ages 6 to 9 months.
The best foods for babies at six months Older babies may be beginning to chew. Even though they won’t be able to do this yet, they are usually willing to get messy with some mushy, pureed food, which helps them learn about taste and texture. At this age, the goal is not to give your baby enough solid food to eat, but rather to get them interested in and excited about what they can eat.

Iron is essential for babies’ overall health and prevention of iron deficiency because of their rapid growth. Consume well-cooked meat, poultry, mashed beans, and lentils, iron-rich infant cereal (find out why you might want to avoid rice cereal), and other iron-rich foods for your child. Avoid including solids like cereal in baby bottles to prevent choking.

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