I’ve met people from Wyoming, Washington, North Carolina, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado; across the nation. In Joe’s Valley, Utah, my friend and I had a memorable evening with two dirtbags. We watched from cover as they threw propane canisters into their campfire.

I’ve met people from Finland, Japan, Spain, Australia, France, and other countries. I was too shy to even say hello when I lived in a Swiss hostel for a week or two next to Dai Koyamada. and I imagine that the language barrier was a factor).

You might think I’m a travel blogger because I’ve established enough connections with people from these regions. or an international entrepreneur. or a criminal. However, I am only a climber, so no. Anywhere you go on a climbing trip, you’ll meet a lot of new people you’ll never forget. And that alone makes everything worthwhile.

Climbing trips aren’t just a great way to spend time with friends and meet new people. They can also help your soul heal in the great outdoors. We can also get back in touch with the natural world through it. Being outside can be the solution we didn’t know we needed, considering all the hidden stresses and anxieties of everyday life.
Put your phone away. Breathe in the pine tree-filtered air. As you blow away, let the sand slide through your fingers. Take a look around. Right now, you are living in one of the most stunning areas of nature. It matters not what you left behind; It doesn’t matter what you need to do tomorrow. You’re lucky to be able to interact with this ancient, pristine landscape because you climb. Embrace it.

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