What is dragon fruit, and is it good for your health?

The tropical fruit known as dragon fruit has recently gained popularity.

Although people primarily enjoy it for its distinctive flavor and appearance, there is evidence that it may also have health benefits.This article examines dragon fruit’s nutrition, benefits, and consumption methods.
Dragon Fruit: What Is It?

The flowers of the Hylocereus cactus, also known as the Honolulu queen, only open at night, which is where dragon fruit grows.The plant comes from Central America and southern Mexico. It is currently grown worldwide.

It’s also known as strawberry pear, pitaya, and pitahaya.The two most normal sorts have dazzling red skin with green scales that look like a mythical beast — subsequently the name.The most common variety has white pulp and black seeds, but there is also a less common one with red pulp and black seeds.Yellow dragon fruit is another variety with yellow skin, white pulp, and black seeds.

Despite its exotic appearance, dragon fruit’s flavor is comparable to that of other fruits. Its flavor has been described as a kiwi-pear hybrid with a hint of sweetness.Watch as a registered dietitian makes a delicious air-fried chicken cutlet that is good for diabetes! Stay for the recipe card until the end.Facts about the nutrition Dragon fruit has a few nutrients in small amounts. Additionally, it is a decent source of fiber, iron, and magnesium.

The following are the nutritional details for a 100-gram serving of 3.5 ounce:

Dragon fruit is a fruit that has a lot of nutrients because it has a lot of fiber and magnesium, and it has very few calories.Contains Many Antioxidants Dragon fruit contains many different kinds of antioxidants.

These are substances that shield your cells from unstable molecules known as free radicals, which have been linked to both aging and chronic diseases .The antioxidant properties of 17 tropical fruits and berries were compared in one study.Although dragon fruit did not have a particularly high antioxidant capacity, it was found to be most effective at preventing free radical damage to some fatty acids.Potential Health Benefits Dragon fruit may have a number of health benefits, according to animal studies.


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