Benefits of Bananas

Bananas are extremely nutritious. Additionally, bananas are one of the most widely produced and purchased fruits worldwide. In 2015, the fruit had 18 billion exports, with half of those going to the United States. It is estimated that each person in the United States consumes 11.5 pounds of bananas annually. This makes it the US’s most consumed natural product.

Why the fruit is so popular is logical. It makes a great snack, can be used in baked dishes, and goes well with a variety of nut butters.Bananas are not only delicious but also extremely nutritious. The fruit has many health benefits, like fighting diabetes, lowering inflammation, and helping people lose weight.

Priority 1: Bananas are great for your heart health. Potassium is plentiful in bananas. 425 mg of potassium are contained in a single medium banana. The daily value of the mineral is 12% contained in this small snack. Because it maintains the flow of electricity throughout your body, potassium is essential for healthy heart function. The fruit also lacks sodium, which is also beneficial to heart health.

A correlation between eating more bananas and having healthy arteries was found in one study. That is, the less likely it is that your arteries will harden if you eat more bananas. The arteries of the mice in the study that ate a diet low in potassium were harder than those of the mice that ate a diet high in potassium. Heart attacks and disease are linked to arterial stiffness in humans.

Benefit 2: Better Mood Have you ever been depressed or in a bad mood? Pick up a banana. Bananas can help you feel better. This is due to the high levels of tryptophan found in bananas, which our bodies transform into serotonin. Our moods can be helped by serotonin, also known as the “happy neurotransmitter.”

3 Benefit: Digestion and Weight Loss Bananas are loaded with fiber in addition to their high potassium content. Fiber is great because it not only aids in regular bowel movements and maintains the functioning of the digestive system, but it also slows digestion. Digestion’s meaning could be a little clearer. This means you’ll feel fuller for longer! Additionally, its low calorie content will aid in daily caloric intake.

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