Low-Fat Party Snacks for Your Next House Party

Suppose you’re the host and it’s party time. You are responsible for cooking and preparing the menu on your own for a large group of visitors. Some guests enjoy greasy, oily, and crunchy food, while others are trying to lose weight on a low-fat diet. What preparations would you make for them? In the event that you are attempting to choose the snacks menu for them, fret not, as we take care of you. Here are seven low-fat snack recipes that can be used as party starters for guests who want to indulge without guilt. All of these low-fat snacks are quick to prepare, delicious, and sure to please your guests with their tantalizing flavors. These snacks are not only delicious but also very healthy. So, why are you still waiting? With the list, let’s begin.

1. Dry Low-Fat Pepper Chicken Let’s get the list started with this one. Chicken is an excellent addition to a diet because it is a good source of protein. One of the main ingredients in this chicken recipe is black pepper. In addition, the recipe makes use of important traditional Indian ingredients like chicken, turmeric powder, and green chillies. The entire recipe can be found here.

2. Murgh Kurkuri Low Fat If you want to enjoy this oil-free, crispy chicken snack, Chicken chunks coated in chana dal and green chillies before being pan-grilled to perfection. Click this link to try this recipe.

3. Low-Fat Chicken Shawarma To make the best low-fat chicken shawarma with lettuce, eliminate the pita bread. Pan-fried chicken, crunchy vegetables like tomatoes, onions, and chillies, and a yogurt-based sauce fill it. For the recipe, go to this link.

4. Vegetarian Burritos Now is the time to try this Mexican vegetarian burritos recipe and up your burrito game. The sensational salsa sauce is accompanied by tortillas that are loaded with kidney beans and a cheese mixture that are extremely healthy. For the recipe, go to this link.

5. The most popular Indian street food is baked kachori! Enjoy street food without guilt. The otherwise deep-fried treats have been given a healthier makeover. This kachori is healthy and delicious at the same time. It is made with whole wheat flour and is stuffed with urad dal and spices like chili powder, coriander powder, fennel powder, and others. Enjoy it with your favorite dip! For the recipe, go to this link.

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