If you’ve ever taken a road trip across the country, you’ll notice that a town’s trees are one of the most distinctive characteristics that set it apart.

Healthy communities grow from healthy urban forests. Trees structure the texture of networks across America. The lovely trees that line our roads and shade our parks don’t simply become. Those who are a part of Time for Tree are one of the greatest contributors to the development and upkeep of community forests.

Local area Greening is devoted to planting and really focusing on trees. It frequently organizes tree planting events that bring together residents, private businesses, and local officials. For good reason, it encourages people to unite behind trees.

Community trees are an important part of living in a city. Communities benefit from them in terms of health, economics, and the environment. However, community forests are in danger due to urbanization and climate change.

Being a part of a larger effort to plant trees all over the world is crucial now more than ever. We are pleased to participate in the Time for Trees campaign of the Arbor Day Foundation, which aims to plant 100 million trees and inspire 5 million tree planters by 2022. Since 2016, Community Greening has been planting trees, and we are now expanding our efforts. We are thrilled to join hundreds of organizations across the nation whose goals for a community forest that is healthy.

The significance of urban trees is beginning to be recognized and appreciated by the public. In point of fact, a Wakefield Research NeighborWoods Month survey reveals that 92% of Americans are aware of the personal advantages of planting trees in communities.

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