PlantYou’s Carleigh Bodrug Offers Her

Method for Keeping a Veggie lover Eating Example
More deeply study how the viral TikTok sensation explores special times of year with a plant-based diet and her recipe for Banana Bread Breakfast Treats in a selective meeting with EatingWell.

If you frequently visit food pages on Instagram or TikTok, her videos are probably familiar to you. Carleigh Bodrug is the face of PlantYou. Her blog and username are proudly displayed in front of her millions of social media followers. Bodrug is best known for her plant-based hacks and recipes that make eating a vegan diet easier, and her TikTok videos have received more than 27 million likes.

Bodrug created vegan dishes like Creamy Gnocchi Soup and Vegan Tomato Cauliflower Parm in a recent partnership with Take Root Organics. These dishes make use of simple ingredients like canned tomatoes and sauce, making them practical and delicious holiday meals that anyone can enjoy. We had a conversation with Bodrug to learn more about these recipes and her journey since adopting a plant-based diet seven years ago.

Continue reading to find out more about her vegan lifestyle, the tips she has for new plant-based eaters, and the recipe for Banana Bread Breakfast Cookies that she shared with EatingWell from her cookbook.

EatingWell: What motivated you to change your eating habits to veganism?

Bodrug: After the World Health Organization announced that red and processed meat were classified as Group 2 and Group 1 carcinogens, I began living a vegan lifestyle in 2015. This news was especially shocking for my father, who has survived stage 2 colon cancer. Ten years ago, when he had colon cancer, we had never given his diet any thought as a factor or as something that could be changed after treatment. It was completely in contradiction to everything we had ever heard because meat was a staple on the Food Guide for Canada, where we are from. Because I have a background in journalism, I started really digging into the research on the connection between cancer and meat, particularly red and processed meat, as well as the environmental impact of animal agriculture. The benefits of adopting a plant-based diet became abundantly clear.

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