This Brand Makes the Best Everything Bagel Seasoning—and No, It Isn’t Trader Joe’s! From the price to the additional ingredients, the Trader Joe’s version demonstrates that popularity does not necessarily equate to quality. My take on the best everything bagel seasoning available is as follows:

As someone who grew up in New Jersey, I would like to think that I am a bagel and cream cheese connoisseur. On the weekends, my go-to breakfast is a toasty everything bagel. Whether it’s on a real bagel or because I sprinkle everything bagel seasoning on almost everything I eat, my palate has probably been exposed to the flavors of an everything bagel over a thousand times.

With good reason, everything bagel seasoning is becoming a pantry staple for many. The seasoning’s unmatched adaptability extends to everything from chicken tenders and Brussels sprouts to crispy chickpeas and pumpkin seeds. I leave the bagel seasoning, along with the salt and pepper, out of everything in my family for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In any case, my holder of all that bagel preparing doesn’t have a white mark with dark lettering, and it isn’t classified “Everything Except the Bagel Sesame Preparing Mix.” Yes, you listened to me right: I don’t buy the well-known seasoning from Trader Joe’s, and I don’t even think the company makes the best everything bagel seasoning.

I would like to express my gratitude to Trader Joe’s for one thing: allowing me to experience this seasoning’s joy. I was sold when I tried Trader Joe’s brand of everything bagel seasoning for the first time without actually eating a bagel. But I’ve looked at other options since then and found one that I think deserves more credit.

Therefore, who has the best seasoning? The Everything Bagel Seasoning Blend from Einstein Bros. Bagels is, in my opinion, the best everything bagel seasoning you can get at your local grocery store. Here’s the reason.

To begin, the two brands differ in only a small but still significant way in terms of ingredients. Seasoning for Einstein Bros. Bagels includes the usual ingredients for an everything bagel: sesame, dried onion, dried garlic, salt and poppy seeds at a consummated proportion. All of these ingredients are available at Trader Joe’s, but their seasoning also contains black sesame seeds.

Even though I have consumed many bagels throughout my life, I have never encountered black sesame seeds on an everything bagel. That additional ingredient just doesn’t seem to match the flavor of the everything bagel to my taste. In addition, the black sesame seeds in the Trader Joe’s seasoning nearly overpower the other primary flavors in the shaker due to their bitterness and strength.

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