Four Simple Ways to Set Goals for the New Year with Your Family

As the year 2022 comes to a close, many people will make resolutions for the new year that might or might not stick come January 1. Instead, you might want to think about starting a new family tradition. In contrast to intention-setting, which focuses more on internal development and how you feel, resolutions are typically goals that focus on external accomplishments like going to the gym more often or having a weekly date night with your spouse.

Not only is collectively setting goals beautiful, but it also helps keep the family on track. Consider this a lovely way to provide one another with support throughout the year and observe one another’s growth, both individually and collectively. Getting the kids involved can make them feel like they are valued as family members whose opinions are being taken into consideration. In addition, it is entertaining to learn the children’s intentions for the coming year and beyond. Not only are you teaching them how important it is to set goals, but you might also be starting a tradition that they carry on into adulthood and into their own families.

There are four easy ways to set your family’s New Year’s resolutions.
Parents: In 2023, you have permission to let go of your resolutions and shine a light on the world. Life isn’t always easy, and it’s important to teach our children that despite difficulties, they will always have a light within them. This also applies to the family. Therefore, gather around and, if you’d like, serve some marshmallows and hot cocoa, set intentions to show others how much you care about them. To bring joy and love to others and, in turn, strengthen the family unit at home, everyone can think of one thing they’d like to do.




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