Making Christmas Extraordinary This Year

What the Bible Says About Making Christmas Meaningful of the Season The Christmas season is called “Advent,” which means “the coming of Christ the Messiah into the world.” The authority season starts four Sundays before the occasion as devotees set up their souls for the appearance of the Friend in need and commend the second when “God with us” became exacting reality. We celebrate more than just the birth of a special child; We observe the “Incarnation” holiday, which refers to “God becoming flesh and living among us.” Read John 1:14) Meaningful Moments During the Advent season, use one or more of these simple activities with your family to create meaningful moments focused on the significance of the season. We would love for you to attend a special service with us even if you do not belong to a church.

Some fun ideas for “Finding Jesus” Read the Christmas story from Luke 2 together as a family. Talk about each piece of your nativity set according to the Bible, starting with Baby Jesus, as you go through your set.

Make it clear to your loved ones that you want to keep in mind to “find” the true meaning of Christmas during this time of year, so each day you will hide Baby Jesus somewhere in the house. The children can look for Christ each day and place him in the manger. This serves as a reminder to search for Him throughout the season.

PRAYERS FOR THE CHRISTMAS CARD The Christmas season is brimming with wonderful wishes from friends and family. Take a few moments to reflect on the blessings that God has bestowed upon you through your friends and family each time you receive a special Christmas card or letter.

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