The best camping tricks and tips for 2023

Camping is a great way to unwind, connect with nature, and have fun. But it’s hard to get it right the first time. We’ve learned the hard way through years of camping on every continent, including Antarctica, so we’ve compiled the best camping advice to make the great outdoors more enjoyable and comfortable.

Planning a Trip to the Campground Planning a Trip to the Campground The best camping trips start with good planning. It isn’t like you can simply hop in your vehicle and go. You have to think about the weather and the time of year. In addition, unless you intend to camp in the backcountry, you will probably need to make a long-term reservation at a campground. Camping will be easier and less stressful if you do everything you can to plan your trip before you leave. Therefore, let’s begin.

1. Who are you as a camper?
What kind of camper are you? During our enormous camping trip through Mongolia during the Mongol Rally, we like to divide camping into various styles. On a camping trip, some people prefer to rough it as much as possible, while others prefer a little comfort. You can plan the perfect trip by deciding what kind of camping experience you want to have.

2. Choosing a Campground When selecting a campground, it is always suggested that you do so in advance. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a campground for your trip:

When is the ideal time to visit? Is there a high or low season?
What facilities are there? For instance, are there restrooms, are there fire pits, do they have running water, or do you need to bring a camp stove and a picnic table?
What rules applies to the campground? For instance, are pets permitted, are there any closures, and is there a no-fire policy? How far in advance must you reserve the campsite you want?

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