2 Ways to Feel Safer Traveling Right Now

After two long years of uncertainty, people are eager to get back on a plane and travel is beginning to pick up. After so long being confined to a single location, families and couples are beginning to plan their ideal getaways at a number of previously off-limits locations. After suffering from the pandemic for a period of two years, studies indicate that people are prepared to “go big” in 2022.

We’ve gone on a couple of outings all through the pandemic and have encountered what life resembles going in this new ordinary. You can travel with confidence and make the most of your time exploring the world if you are prepared with the necessary information and tools prior to your flight. So, read through this list of things you can do to make traveling safer in 2022 before you book your dream trip.

1. Buy Travel Protection with Coronavirus Inclusion

We never venture out from home without movement protection. It covers medical emergencies, lost luggage, stolen laptops, and trip cancellations and delays.

Our piece of advice for 2022 is to check with your insurance provider to see if they cover COVID. We have many other suggestions for selecting the right insurance. We had to switch insurance companies in 2021 because our previous provider did not cover COVID-19. Although it is essential to make a call before taking off, more and more businesses are beginning to accept coverage for COVID emergencies. Additionally, insurance coverage for COVID-related illness and delays may be required at some destinations. The majority of businesses will send you an additional letter stating that COVID is covered if the terms and conditions of your policy do not specifically mention it.

2. Purchase Additional Coverage for Medical Evacuation While our travel medical policy offers coverage for medical evacuation, the pandemic has demonstrated that travel insurance is not always sufficient and is not always reliable. Policy terms like “acceptable facility” and “medical necessity,” which can leave you “stuck” in a foreign hospital, are just two of the many things that can prevent you from receiving the appropriate care in an emergency. Not optimal. For that reason we likewise have a Medjet Clinical Vehicle Enrollment. Medjet will transfer us to a hospital of our choice in our home city if we are hospitalized for any reason, including COVID. Peruse more at: We did not have Medjet coverage when Dave was hospitalized in the Peruvian Amazon. This is one of the six reasons why you need medical evacuation protection for safer travel. We had to go through a lot of hoops to get him moved home, despite the fact that our medical travel insurance covered air ambulance evacuations only to the “nearest acceptable hospital.” We did not want surgery in a foreign hospital because he had broken two vertebrae in his back. However, it took nine days of testing, collecting paperwork, and waiting for claims adjusters to confirm that Dave had been seriously injured enough to require an air ambulance home.

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