The “Veggies Early & Often” Campaign is being launched by Partnership for a Healthier America to Build a Generation of Veggie Lovers. A new icon will be used by partners across sectors to signal veggie-forward foods and methods, including on baby and toddler food brands’ product packaging to indicate veggie-forward foods in the market.

Media Relations: America’s Healthier Partnership: [email protected] The logo for the Veggies Early & Often campaign features broccoli in a green circle. WASHINGTON, DC—To promote health equity, the leading national nonprofit Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) has launched the “Veggies Early and Often” campaign today. By providing consumers with a new, dependable indicator that products marketed as having vegetables actually contain vegetables in significant amounts and calling on brands and organizations to prioritize a veggie-forward approach, the campaign aims to transform the food landscape for our youngest eaters.

Together with a cross-sector group of a dozen initial partners, PHA developed this nutrition education campaign to align on the evidence that demonstrates why young eaters require vegetables early in life. The campaign brings together leaders in the industry, health care professionals, early childhood educators, parents, and other caregivers to raise a generation of veggie lovers by putting innovative methods for introducing and maintaining a variety of vegetables that children accept and enjoy first. A basic part of the mission will make straightforwardness in the child and food commercial center by indicating to guardians items and approaches that meet and surpass PHA’s suggested veggie rules through a new “Veggies Early and Frequently” symbol that will be embraced on item bundling and in different settings.

According to Nancy E. Roman, President and CEO of Partnership for a Healthier America, “In spite of the fact that vegetables are absolutely essential to a healthy life, infants and toddlers don’t eat nearly enough of them.” There is room for improvement in the retail market for baby and toddler food by including inexpensive products that encourage children to accept vegetables more readily. According to research, in order for children to develop a taste for a vegetable, they must first taste it, and many commercial baby food products fail to meet this requirement. Our hope is that this campaign will accelerate consumer demand for veggie-forward options and increase transparency in the baby and toddler food industry.”

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