An exciting motor milestone is walking.

Around their first birthday, babies typically take their first steps. What can you do to make this milestone more enjoyable? Here are some ways to get people to walk more!
Baby standing next to the sofa in the living room while cruising along furniture. Cruising is side stepping while holding onto something. Baby can be encouraged to stroll or walk along something of their height, such as a couch base. Security tip: Check to see that the baby is clinging to a solid object that will not tip. Baby may fall because they are still learning how to use things; therefore, ensure that they are surrounded by soft surfaces!
When a baby first starts walking and standing, they will be a little unsteady. Supporting their trunk may be more helpful to the baby than holding their hands. Put your hands around their ribs because that’s a better place to stabilize and gives the spine and trunk more support. Because they are just getting used to things, it is normal for babies to fall at this age. What to do if your baby falls
Give your baby something to hold onto as they start to stand up on their own. They might grab you or other things for support. Try keeping your hands full if you want to encourage them to take action on their own. They might try walking without help with something small in their hands. A small egg shaker, a small toy, a small stuffed animal, or a favorite toy will make them want to keep it forever!
Give them toys to play with—Baby loves toys! Make use of them to entice them to approach you. Make it difficult for them to approach you by teasing them with toys that are just out of reach.
Try to get your baby to reach up and down rather than thinking only in the future. This can be accomplished by using bubbles or balloons, which float upwards, or by placing a toy on a couch cushion or on top of a box. Toys on the ground can help with reaching down.

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