What Do Explicit Food sources Do?

Healthy food collage: Let food be your medicine and food be your medicine.
You only need to watch the movie Super Size Me to understand how foods affect the body. – Hippocrates (460-377 BC) The film’s director, Morgan Spurlock, talks about the bad health effects he had after eating only fast food for several weeks. Not only did he put on weight, but he also went through alarming changes in his metabolism that put him at risk for heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Spurlock was consuming foods that sent the wrong signals to his body. For instance, the fast food diet’s excessive consumption of saturated and trans fatty acids resulted in elevated blood cholesterol and inflammation in just a few weeks. Also contributing to the changes in health was the fact that the fast food diet did not provide the information necessary for normal metabolic function.

Morgan Spurlock is an illustration of the changes that occur when food is broken down into nutrients. These changes have an effect on the metabolic programming of cells and the body’s homeostasis, or equilibrium, According to Nature Reviews Genetics (2003), there is a growing awareness that a comprehensive comprehension of how nutrients function at this molecular level is necessary to comprehend the effects of nutrition on health and disease.
What is this section about?

The effects of food on health maintenance, disease prevention, treatment, and recovery are examined in this section. which, incidentally, is what medicine is. As Hippocrates advised so long ago, we can, with knowledge, allow food to be our medicine and food to be our food.

After briefly considering the function of genes, we move on to the function of a few food groups (click on a link to go directly to that food group):

How do genes and nutrients interact?

kid eating watermelonOne of the advanced ideas from the Human Genome Undertaking is that “qualities all by themselves don’t make illness. They only produce disease when they are exposed to a harmful environment that is unique to them.

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