Homemade Hamburger Helper

If you were a parent or a child in the 1980s, you probably remember the Hamburger Helper mascot—that ever-jovial, inexplicably four-fingered puppet who was always waving you to dinner with a little help from his handy box of dried pasta and seasonings. If you were a child in the era, you probably also remember the Hamburger Helper mascot. Even though that flavor makes you feel nostalgic, there are times when you just want to make your own food. This dinner is certain to satisfy your beef cravings if you’re in the mood for it.

What distinguishes homemade Hamburger Helper from store-bought versions?

If you need to get dinner on the table quickly, pulling a box out of the pantry is completely acceptable. However, if you have a few extra minutes, making this recipe from scratch will result in a dinner that is richer and more flavorful. The beef and pasta are enhanced by the broth and tomato sauce, which impart a deep, savory richness, and by the fresh onion and garlic, which impart more robust flavors than the dried ones in the box mix.

What is it that I really want to make Hand crafted Burger Assistant?

You probably already have everything you need to make Hamburger Helper right now in your fridge and pantry: one pound of burger meat, four cuts of bacon, dried flavors, canned pureed tomatoes and stock, a little cream or milk, and some new onion and garlic. It’s quick and easy comfort food, and we all require more of that right now.

Can any pasta be used in the Hamburger Helper?

Technically, you can use any pasta in this recipe; however, elbow macaroni or another shorter pasta will give it the most authentic Hamburger Helper flavor. If you only have longer pasta, you can use it, but be careful because your brain might try to make you think you’re eating spaghetti! The Hamburger Helper glove will give a more enthusiastic high-five on anything short, including roti, penne, and even shells. Is there a one-pot recipe for Hamburger Helper?

Yes, a Dutch oven is used to make Hamburger Helper, making it a one-pot wonder! The tomato sauce, cream, and broth are just enough to cook the pasta while the meat simmers.

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