Accept a novel approach to reducing stress

We are all aware of the symptoms of stress: Your mind can’t stop thinking about possible (bad) outcomes, and you feel dizzy or sweaty. Getting rid of stress and negative thoughts can make your life longer and happier.

Medical studies consistently demonstrate the cumulative effects of stress on the body, including a decrease in immune function, an increase in heart rate, and elevated levels of cortisol. Since April is Stress Awareness Month, it is essential for our physical and emotional well-being to adopt practices that assist in stress reduction and restore equilibrium.

Take a full breath. Pondering is more straightforward than you naturally suspect. Even though the idea of meditating might conjure up images of monk-like devotion, the act of meditating can be done almost anywhere and at almost any time. Taking a few quiet minutes to concentrate on your breathing can be all it takes to practice meditation. The practice of inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth will calm a frantic mind. You can simply sit for a few minutes on the floor or in a comfortable chair and imagine your breath pushing all thoughts out of your mind as you inhale and exhale. Make it a habit to meditate for a few minutes every morning and picture what you want to accomplish that day.

Get contorted. Despite the fact that yoga has been practiced for thousands of years, many people believe you can only reap the benefits if you twist your body into a pretzel. That is not the case at all. All body types and abilities can easily perform a variety of yoga poses (asanas). Yoga poses like “child’s pose” (Balasana) can calm the nervous system and reduce stress. It is believed that some poses, like “standing forward bend” (Uttanasana), can alleviate fatigue, stress, and even mild depression. Gaiam (gaiam.com) and Yoga Journal (yogajournal.com) are well-known sources that provide both basic and advanced yoga poses that can help alleviate stress and include videos so that you can follow along.


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