What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Chocolate Every Day

If you love chocolate, you might be unsure about whether or not it is good for your health to eat it every day. Chocolate comes in many different forms, as you know. The nutritional profiles of milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate are not the same because they all contain different ingredients. Milk chocolate and dark chocolate, which both contain cacao solids—parts of the cacao plant—have been the focus of much of the research. Cocoa is the name given to these solids when they are roasted. Components of cacao solids are linked to many of chocolate’s claimed health benefits. You might be surprised to learn that white chocolate actually lacks cacao solids; It only has cocoa butter in it.

Any kind of chocolate can be included in a balanced diet, but are there any particular health benefits to eating chocolate on a regular basis? The most recent research on the health effects of chocolate consumption will be discussed in this article.
Cacao solids, which are parts of the cacao plant, are present in milk chocolate and dark chocolate, albeit in different amounts. Flavonoids—antioxidants found in wine, tea, berries, leafy vegetables, and cacao—are present in cacao. Improved heart health is one of the many health benefits of flavonoids. Flavonoids are also more abundant in dark chocolate because it contains a higher volume percentage of cacao solids. Consuming moderate amounts of dark chocolate every one to two days may improve blood pressure and lipid panels, according to a review published in the journal Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine in 2018. However, the findings of this and other studies have been conflicting, and additional research is required to verify these potential health benefits. Almonds and dark chocolate or cocoa were found to improve lipid profiles in a 2017 randomized control trial published in the Journal of the American Heart Association. However, lipid profiles were not improved by consuming cocoa and dark chocolate without almonds.

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