Customary Thanksgiving Supper Thoughts for A definitive Turkey Day Menu

Top your plate off with every one of the works of art — including turkey, pureed potatoes, veggies and that’s just the beginning!
By Taylor Worden and Samantha MacAvoy, Revised: Mike Garten Deciding what qualifies for the most important meal of the year (a.k.a. stuffed turkey breast with gravy served on the side) on November 14, 2022 Thanksgiving) is a difficult job. Plan the most legendary occasion feast with these triple-tried Thanksgiving supper recipes — everything from tasty Thanksgiving turkey recipes to adored Thanksgiving side dishes — and your entire table will much obliged! We’ve even included some ideas for Thanksgiving cocktails to ensure that your menu is complete by November 24.

No worries: Classics were not one of them that we forgot. Mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and numerous recipes for stuffing are just a few of the holiday staples you’ll find here. However, if you want to experiment this year, we have you covered as well. This spread will be your most impressive to date thanks to inventive takes on standard veggie sides and new ways to serve your favorite dishes. There are recipes here for everything from rich, sinful dishes to healthy Thanksgiving sides and salads to please everyone’s taste buds. If preparing for Thanksgiving seems a little overwhelming, don’t worry! Fast and simple recipes (remembering make-ahead dishes and prepared for under brief sides) will keep your vacation as peaceful as could be expected.

These recipes will make this year’s Thanksgiving dinner truly memorable, whether you stick to the basics or like to be creative with your holiday fare. Make the most of the leftovers from Thanksgiving with our favorite recipes!

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