The Fab Four goalkeepers are leading the way as the World Cup semifinals begin.

Morocco’s Yassine Bounou makes a save during the World Cup quarterfinal between Morocco and Portugal. Goalkeepers have controlled the last four groups left in the competition.
Francois Nel/Getty Images DOHA, Qatar — This World Cup in Qatar has been unprecedented in many ways. a global audience of billions once more; thundering groups in Doha transforming arenas into risk zones for the ears; matches that astonish and perplex.

There is also Poppy Zizos’s metric. Briana Scurry’s mother-in-law is her.

Scurry laughed and said, “Yes, I married into a family that does not care about soccer at all,” pointing out the irony that she was the best goalkeeper for the United States in 1999, when the Women’s World Cup was the most significant in history. However, the other day, my mother-in-law and I watched two quarterfinal matches, and she absolutely adored them. which is an indication.

It’s about to get even better, Poppy.
The semifinals in Doha begin on Tuesday with Argentina taking on Croatia. Morocco, who made history, takes on the defending champion France on Wednesday.

Scurry, who compares this competition to “more like March Madness than any other World Cup I think I’ve ever seen,” concurs with many others when he points out the intriguing final four in Doha.

Scurry stated, “France is my favorite country.” I simply adore the fact that this team is comprised of so many outstanding players who achieved their dream despite challenging circumstances. I adore that aspect of the French team from last year. It is the same as before.”

Lionel Messi (R), the forward for Argentina, laughs during a training session on December 12, 2022, at Qatar University in Doha, one day before Argentina’s World Cup semifinal match against Croatia.
Juan Mabromata/AFP via Getty Images, but Scurry, like many others who aren’t from the countries in question, is able to establish a foundation for each.

She stated, “You know my heart is also going with Argentina because [superstar forward Lionel] Messi is absolutely outstanding and it would be really nice for him to get a World Cup championship.” “You know my heart is also going with Argentina.” However, I must say that Morocco’s playing style and goalkeeping have been outstanding.

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