Step by step instructions to Develop Cowpeas

Despite the fact that cowpea is a notable nursery plant in the South, this harvest merits more consideration the nation over. Numerous seeds are packed into its long, slender pods.
When to Plant Cowpea Seeds The majority of gardeners plant cowpea seeds outdoors immediately after the risk of frost has passed. To accelerate germination, thoroughly water seeds.
Requirements for Space Plant the cowpea seeds directly into warm soil, 2 to 3 inches apart, and 12 inches deep.
Time to Germination Cowpeas germinate quickly.Special considerations The growing habits of various cowpea varieties vary. Some cowpeas, like pole beans, climb, while others, like bush beans, form compact plants.

Pests and Diseases Cowpeas are susceptible to viral infections and can be affected by a variety of diseases. Grow cowpeas in various parts of your garden each year because some of these bacterial and fungal diseases can live in the soil for years. Work outside of your bean patch when the foliage is wet to stop the spread of bacterial and fungal diseases. Pick the leaves off your plants and put them in a jar of soapy water to get rid of bugs and beetles that might eat them. To stop diseases and pests from continuing their life cycles, promptly remove and compost mature plants.Cowpeas can be harvested early or later in the season when the pods are dry and brittle and the seeds inside are hard for culinary use, like green beans.Consuming Young Cowpea Pods Fresh, canned, or frozen are the best options. Before eating, dry cowpeas must be soaked and boiled.

How to Store Cowpeas Cowpeas can be kept dry for years.
How to Save Cowpea Seeds Whether the plants are grown for their immature beans (some pods are simply left on the vine to reach seed maturity) or for their dry beans, harvesting for food and harvesting for seed are the same thing, saving seeds from these crops is simple. Given the moderately short segregation distance important to keep an assortment, a nursery worker could in fact develop and save seeds from more than one cultivar in a similar season.
The recommended isolation distance for life cycles is 10 to 20 feet.
Recommended Population Sizes Save seeds from at least one plant to guarantee that they will germinate. Keep seeds from 10 to 25 plants when growing a variety over many generations. 50 plants’ seeds should be saved for genetic preservation of a rare variety.

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