During the holiday season, try these nine food ideas:

No matter how many sweets there are, festivals are incomplete without them. Consuming scrumptious desserts can absolutely influence your wellbeing, making you powerless against weight gain and more vulnerable to illnesses like diabetes. Kheer, halva, fruit salad, and rava sheera can all benefit from the addition of natural sweeteners like dates, cardamom, anjeer, and saffron.
If you’re out drinking, drink plain soda or sparkling water instead of sweetened carbonated beverages, fruit juices, and syrups. It will not only help you consume fewer calories, but it will also help you consume less sugar overall.

During the festival season, here is a way to avoid overindulging in fried foods. Think about roasting everything you would normally fry. Not only are roasted foods delicious, but they also have some promising health benefits. It enhances the flavor profile and texture of the food you are cooking. If you’re used to dipping your kebabs and cutlets in mayonnaise, try curd (yogurt)-based dips, which are lower in calories and fat and are better for you, rather than frying all of the wadas, samosas, bhajias, spring rolls, and cutlets. Yogurt has a lot of protein, a lot of calcium, and a lot of probiotics. Otherwise, go with one of the well-known Indian chutneys, such as the hot and sour green coriander chutney or the sweet and sour tamarind chutney.

Change the milk chocolate for the white chocolate. While it can be fun to have a whole bar of chocolate to yourself, eating too much chocolate increases your risk of weight gain. This holiday season, try dark chocolate instead of milk or white chocolate. While white chocolate really contains no cocoa and subsequently gives none of the medical advantages, the cocoa in dull chocolate has cell reinforcements, which can assist with forestalling overabundance weight gain.

Make a cup of cinnamon tea if you feel like you’re going overboard during the holidays, when it’s easy to overindulge in sugar. Due to cinnamon’s effect on blood glucose, the cozy tea may even assist in lowering blood sugar.
Replace the salty nuts with raw nuts. It’s just as important to keep an eye on your salt cravings as it is to keep an eye on your sweet tooth. Consume less salt; Choose raw nuts instead of salted ones because they are packed with nutrients.

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