The six most effective kits for at-home teeth whitening, as recommended by dentists.

If you make a purchase through one of our links, Insider may receive compensation. Find out more.In a world where social media and first impressions are everything, wanting whiter teeth makes no sense. But it’s much harder to find an at-home whitening kit that won’t make your teeth sensitive after just one application.

In fact, going to the dentist’s office is the best way to whiten your teeth; However, many individuals are unable to afford that. Whitening toothpaste helps with daily care, but it doesn’t make your teeth look “wow.”

Instead, at-home teeth whitening kits save you money and time and enable you to re-whiten your teeth as needed on a regular basis. The problem is that many whitening kits are too strong, making your teeth and gums more sensitive to cold and pressure after just one use.We talked to a few dentists about the best currently available at-home teeth whitening products in order to find the most effective ones. We considered options for people with sensitive teeth and gums as well as those on a budget.

The six best teeth whitening products we tested are listed below. We chose them based on our own experience and advice from dentists. In addition, at the guide’s conclusion, we have provided responses to a number of frequently asked questions as well as a list of additional kits that we have tested and highly recommend.

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The best teeth whitening kits are as follows:Best in general: Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips have a less-concentrated formula for minimal sensitivity, are easy to find at any drugstore, are effective, and won’t slide around during treatment.

Best trays for whitening: Combining teeth whitening gel with mouth trays or guards, such as those found in the Opalescence Go 15% kit, is your best bet for avoiding gum sensitivity. Opalescence Go 15% kit.Best for gums and sensitive teeth: Zimba white strips Zimba white strips whiten teeth and gums in seven to fourteen days without causing significant sensitivity.

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