The Top 5 Benefits of Reading for All Ages

We’re looking for readers of all ages who enjoy books. Have you ever considered the additional advantages of reading besides leisure and instruction? Books can do everything, from learning new words to maintaining mental health! Here are the top five benefits of reading for people of all ages, in case you needed a reminder of how important it is to read regularly for our health and literacy:

1. Reading is good for the brain because it forces us to remember the various characters and locations in a story. Even if you enjoy reading a book in a single sitting, you still need to remember the details throughout. As a result, reading improves memory function and is a brain workout.

2. Did you know that the majority of popular movies and television shows are based on books? Reading is a form of free entertainment. Therefore, why not immerse yourself in reading and enjoy the original form of entertainment? Most importantly, your Markham Public Library card gets you access for free.

3. We can all agree that reading cannot happen without focus, and in order to fully comprehend the story, we must focus on each page we read. Reading also improves concentration and the capacity to focus. We need to constantly practice concentration and focus in a world where gadgets are only getting faster and reducing our attention span. Reading is one of the few activities that requires your full attention, which makes it easier to focus.

4. Reading Enhances Literacy Have you ever read a book and discovered a new word? By teaching you new words, books can help you expand your vocabulary. Your vocabulary expands as well as your capacity for effective communication as you read more. By assisting the reader in comprehending and learning various writing styles, reading also enhances writing abilities.

5. Reading Enhances Sleep By incorporating reading into your bedtime routine, you can inform your body that it is time to go to sleep. We now rely on more screen time to get through the day than ever before. As a result, you are signaling to your brain that it is time to quiet down by putting your phone down and picking up a book instead. In addition, reading before bed helps you relax and get a better night’s sleep because it helps you de-stress.

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